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Where did the name Zela Wela Kids come from?

The inspiration of children and their brilliance and passion! The word wela is the root of the word "wealth" and means an abundance of valuable resources and possessions. Since all young children have an infinite supply of "valuable resources" within them - such as determination, imagination, optimism, perseverance and the belief they can do anything - this seemed a natural choice. Nancy and a group of children came up with the word zela while playing a game to find something fun that rhymed with wela, luckily the last letter worked!

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Our mission is to help increase the financial and life success skills of our youth globally. We work with families, organizations, charitable foundations, schools and individuals committed to this outcome.

Our goal is to help 15 million families learn financial life skills by 2017. Why? To help our children achieve their biggest goals and dreams, and share their unique gifts with the world.

If you feel this mission is important, please share the message. We would love your feedback and positive energy to help make this happen!

 Nancy Phillips, Founder DollarSmartKids Enterprises and Creator of the Zela Wela Kids 

with mentor Jack Canfield, Creator of The Success Principles

Nancy Phillips and Jack Canfield


By providing financial and life success skills resources to families, we can change the course of history for the next generation.

Zela Wela Kids Books

Zela Wela Kids Books

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The 15 Most Critical Financial Life Skills Your Children Need to Know

The 15 Most Critical Financial Life Skills Your Children Need to Know by Nancy Phillips