15 Financial Life Skills Your Child Must Learn in Today's World

Hello Concerned Parents,

This tip sheet will show you 15 critical financial life skills that will help your children to live financially successful and fulfilling lives! Today the world is very different from when we were kids, and our children will face challenges managing their decisions and their money that didn't exist at any time in history until now.

Topics include:

  • The Value of Money
  • Self Discipline
  • The Power of Giving
  • Preventing Wastefulness
  • Personal Cash Flow
  • and numerous other valuable tips

Financial literacy is a life skill which needs to be learned early before bad habits occur. Financial success has far more to do with personal habits, beliefs, good decision making and goal setting than it does investment wizardry.

Help your child get off to a great start!!


Nancy Phillips, author of the Zela Wela Kids financial literacy book series

Nancy Phillips, HBSc.Kinesiology, MBA, creator of the Wela Way financial life skills resources.