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Financial literacy is essential for your children’s future well being and success. Children who understand personal finance will have an advantage during their adult lives.

Help your child start young, while it’s easy and there are no bad habits to overcome.

Learn the Fifteen Financial Life Skills Your Children Need to Know by reading this Tip Sheet.

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Financial Literacy and How Entrepreneurial Thinking Benefits Kids – Video Interview with Sarah Cook of Raising CEO Kids


Nancy Phillips, creator of the Zela Wela Kids financial literacy booksI recently had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah Cook, CEO of Raising CEO Kids. She has created a fantastic resource for parents and children who want to pursue an entrepreneurial path. The website contains all types of resources required to begin and run a company and  is connected to a network of over 20,000 experts and users worldwide.

During the interview we talked about the importance of the “entrepreneurial experience” for children growing up in this fast-paced society. The rapidly changing world makes it more important than ever for our children to learn creative thinking and problem solving.

Here are a few other learning experiences and benefits young entrepreneurs gain:

*the opportunity to create new ideas

*how to make an income doing something they are passionate about

*money management skills including profit and loss, budgeting and philanthropy

*how to speak in public and develop their communication skills

*how to manage their time effectively

*leadership skills

*how to set effective goals and determine the steps necessary to reach those goals

“Entrepreneurs have to be creative, it’s part of the process. It not only helps them grow their business, it helps them overcome obstacles.”

Hear some of the incredible “Kidpreneur” stories from Sarah’s new book coming out this September.

To listen to the video interview, click here.


Raising CEO Kids


Click here for more information about Raising CEO Kids.


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