Fifteen Financial Life Skills Your Children Need to Know

When it comes to raising your children to be successful in life, many parents aren't sure about how discuss financial life skills. Now more than ever in history, it is essential to begin teaching your children the buidling blocks at an early age in order to prevent them going into severe debt during their young adult lives. This Tip Sheet give you 15 Tips and Financial Life Skills every child should know.

Topics in this Financial Life Skills Tip Sheet include:

  • The Value of Money
  • Powerful Wealth Building Habits
  • Tips that Lead to Financial Independence
  • Factors That Raise Self-Esteem and Personal Fulfillment
  • Preventing Wastefulness
  • Life Success Factors for Today's World

It will benefit both you and your child if they begin to develop good money habits while they are young.

Bad habits are hard to change and can lead to devastating debt which parents often end up helping pay off. Help your child grow up to be a financially responsible, fulfilled adult who is able to successfully manage their money and take care of themselves and their family. You will have far fewer challenging conversations with them about money as they go through childhood and the teen years, and will enjoy seeing them grow into confident, independent adults who know how to make good decisions based on their personal values and goals in life.

So get started today!

Nancy Phillips Financial Life Skills Tip Sheet